The Restaurant

Our Restaurant serves delicious Cambodian grill specialties, prepared and served on large skewers made to order on an open grill in the restaurant’s center. Our menu includes the best of Khmer local cuisine as well as many international all-time favorites.  Also a snacks menu offers many additional options.

All meats are carefully selected and marinated with a focus on simplicity, freshness, seasonality and regionalism. We use all the organic ingredients we can find.

Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine includes some of the world’s oldest recipes. Khmer food is best understood by its delicate spices, and its harmonious combinations of contrasting flavors, textures and temperatures. Garnishes and condiments like herbs, leaves, pickles, dipping sauces, and even edible flowers are a signature of Khmer cuisine.

The setting is modern and casual.  Cambodians maintain a tradition of gathering the family, clan or friends together to socialize or celebrate over a big meal. We also offer more private individual tables. You can also sit on our terrace and watch the city life while you dine.

Our restaurant proudly serves Khmer specialties, and also international barbecue classics.